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Tooth Colored Fillings

Oct 07

Tooth colored fillings can be blended to match the color shade of one’s tooth thus making the tooth look more natural and less noticeable.
The composite resin in tooth colored fillings compacts better with the tooth structure and supports the tooth much better as compared to amalgam or metal fillings.
Tooth colored fillings ensures preservation of one’s natural tooth materials since the dentist does not have to remove any tooth material when making the filling. This is of much benefit in the long run.
With tooth colored fillings, the dentist is able to fix small cavities since the fillings can flow into small holes thus ensuring treatment of early cavities.
It is easy for the dentist to detect any secondary coloring beneath a tooth colored filling hence enabling detection and treatment of early tooth decay.
Tooth colored fillings are heat resistant. They are immune to temperature changes and will not expand or contract due to weather changes. This ensures that the tooth will not fall out or damage one’s natural tooth as compared to metal fillings.
Tooth colored fillings are compatible with sealants thus enabling the dentist to work on the tooth at one sitting.
Tooth colored fillings are durable and can protect your teeth for a long time with proper care.
Tooth colored fillings do not contain mercury thus suitable for patients with some metal allergies and are generally safer as compared to amalgam fillings.
Tooth colored fillings are less prone to cracking and wearing out overtime. Cracks experienced in metal fillings usually allow bacteria to sip in the cracks and cause or start decay. Since tooth colored fillings do not incur cracks, they are of much benefit in avoiding decay formation and build up.
Tooth colored fillings do not require the dentist to remove the tooth’s natural materials unnecessarily thus after the filling, the tooth is usually left much stronger unlike in metal fillings.
Lastly, Tooth colored fillings adhere and compact with the natural tooth much easily and safely thus reducing the likelyhood of one having to return to the dentist for repairs or replacements.
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