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CEREC Crowns

Sep 19

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or short for Ceramic ReConstruction. A CEREC crown therefore is a teeth crown, which had been reconstructed utilizing the various innovative technologies today, which include CAD-CAM and 3D photography. By using this high tech dental technique, teeth can be easily restored in the shortest possible time without the patient having to go back repeatedly to the clinic for the multiple procedures required to come up with the desired product.

To be able to understand and appreciate the features of CEREC crowns, you need to understand how crowns are traditionally constructed.
It usually takes at least two visits to your dentist to create a crown. During the first visit, the dentist will obtain an impression of your tooth, which shall be the model for your crown. The tooth on which the crown will be placed then shall be prepared by way of trimming it a little to accommodate the crown. While the crown is being constructed you will be made to wear a temporary crown made of plastic until such time the long-lasting crown is finish and ready to be installed in your mouth.
With the advent of the CEREC technology, you only need to visit your dentist once. This means that when you go to the office for a CEREC crown, you will come out from such office on the same day with a CEREC crown in place. Since it is using a highly innovative process with the aid of CAD-CAM technology, the process of constructing the crown through the laboratory process is eliminated since the computer will be the one to do the milling of the crown so that it will fit your tooth accurately. Hence, you can just wait while the computer mills your crown using pure ceramic. To help you out with the decision whether to go for CEREC crowns or not, here is a few considerations to ponder.


  • The patient saves a lot of time and money since CEREC crowns can be obtained within just one visit.
  • Since it only needs a one-time visit, the patient is not required anymore to wear a temporary crown. Since they are made of pure ceramic, CEREC crowns are very durable and last long. They also let you save in the end for any repairs that some other type of crowns that utilize other materials.
  • They are nicer to look at, aesthetically speaking since they do not contain any metal.


  • Employing CEREC technology requires expertise, which many dentists today may not have acquired yet. Hence, you need to ensure that your dentist has that equipment available in their dental clinic.
  • Natural teeth have color gradients. Meaning they do not manifest uniform color from the biting end down to the gum line. Since CEREC crowns are made from a single block of ceramic, it takes a lot of effort and expertise to be able to replicate the color gradient of the natural teeth. This is especially important when it comes to front teeth but hardly matters for back teeth. There are already companies, however that produces ceramic blocks with color gradient but it takes a lot of expertise on the part of dentists to be able to come up with a natural-looking teeth with the use of CEREC technology.

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